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The difference between lovesac and Comfy Sacks

You have to wonder what the difference between Lovesac and Comfy sacks. Okay, here we are going to tell you. Actually, when you visit the site, you will know what the difference between them, but we will tell you a bit. The model of the comfy sack and the lovesac are not too different becuase they have 6ft for each, but they may come with the different warranty offer. Comfy Sacks offer the 5-year warranty for both cover and liner without any product registration required, while lovesac requires product registration for 3-year warranty and only a few products can get warranty. In addition, if the product used for the commercial purpose they are not cover in warranty.

Comfy Sacks have many choices in colors but lovesac only have 3 color selections. For comfy sacks that high standard fabrics, those are made in 100% in the USA, while lovesac has lowest standard fabrics and made in China. So which one the best to meet your desire?