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Best Garbage Disposals for Home and Kitchen Use

InSinkErator has been in the best garbage disposal reviews industry a while, and it definitely shows in its products. Weighing in at 20Ibs, the Evolution Compact is exactly as its name suggests, compact and revolutionary. Its compact frame holds a powerful motor that runs the dual-grinding system, and yet has anti-vibration systems in place for a fuss-free, quiet disposal (40% less noise than regular). Installation can be done in minutes, its price is midrange, and comes with a four year parts-and-labour warranty.

InSinkErator Evolution Excel (Household)

This is the most expensive of the disposals mentioned here, but it sure is worth it. A 1-horsepower motor is housed within a sleek, stainless steel body, altogether weighing only 25.5Ibs. Despite its power and multi-grind system, it produces 80% less noise than its competitors, making it virtually silent. Installation is simple, and it comes with a seven year parts-and-labour warranty.

Waste King A1SPC Knight

Waste King’s Knight Series has not yet disappointed, and the A1SPC is no different. Its corrosion-proof inner body is complimented with a full armour outer body, giving it slim, yet lightweight, only 18.4Ibs, body. The 1-horsepower motor means it will grind through virtually all kitchen waste, and its continuous-feed disposal means there will never be any jams. Grinding components are insulated as to lessen the noise, and as a bonus, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Waste King L-5000TC

Looking to be budget-safe while purchasing a quality garbage disposal unit? The L-5000TC is perfect for you. Its fast motor and blade speeds and durable, stainless steel construction is complimented by its silencer technology, allowing for maximum disposal with minimum noise. Installation is simple, it comes with a 10 year warranty, and is the cheapest amongst the five mentioned here.

Waste King L-3300

The L-3300 weighs in at 11.5Ibs, the lightest of the five, is simple to install, and made of stainless steel. It also comes with a continuous-feed system, minimizing jamming, and the insides are insulated for minimal noise, and wear and tear is not a problem with this model. Fortunately, with Waste King Products, you get quality without breaking the bank, and comes with a 10 year warranty (with bonus lifetime corrosion warranty).

Gone are the days of throwing kitchen rubbish in plastic bags and letting the flies get to them, as it is now
time to embrace these simple, compact garbage disposals, and be rid of the unsightly pile of kitchen waste!